Get the best synthetic hair from KOKO Hair Wholesale Ltd

KOKO HAIR wholesale

Get the best synthetic hair from KOKO Hair Wholesale Ltd 

Hair is a crucial part of any woman. Many people believe that the beauty of a woman is portrayed by her hair. Hence, most women don’t mind spending money on their hair. There are many beauty parlors that supply hair ranging from braids, extension, wigs among others. Many women fall into the trap of buying their hair from counterfeit suppliers whose hair is not of good quality. However, KOKO Hair Wholesale Limited supplies quality hair products that are professionally designed.

About our magnificent Wholesale Hair Extensions

Due to the increasing demand for hair products, KOKO Hair was set up from KOKO Fashion Ltd. We are located a few minutes from cobbled High Street of Guildford. Since we are strictly wholesale, we do not permit registration of individuals. We provide a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere where you’ll be served by an award-winning team of technicians and stylists. We will reinvent and transform your hair according to your specifications. KOKO offers a unique experience to clients. We also offer Wholesale Hair Extensions to suppliers who wish to work with us. Our hair extensions are available in a wide range of color, sizes, and texture. We recognize that different hair styles suit different functions. Thus, we are determined to provide as much hair pieces as possible. This will enable our customers to choose different types of hair for different occasions.

Our extensive hair pieces range from buns, fringes, and scrunches. This is the reason why we remain to be the best Wholesale Hair Extensions supplier over the years. Apart from providing different types of hair, we also offer hair accessories such as Hair Extension Clips, KOKO Color ring, KOKO natural bristle hair brush among others. Our ponytails are just up to perfection and are available in different designs from which you can choose. KOKO wigs are available as full head wigs, half head wigs, and party wigs. Being a renowned Wholesale Hair Extensions supplier, we always have all that you require for your hair.

When you visit KOKO, you are guaranteed to enjoy an exquisite finish, blow dry or cut. We have a wide range of colors to choose from. Here at KOKO, we maintain professionalism while at the same time providing a friendly environment for our customers. We have a broad range of products and treatments for your hair. Our main aim is to improve your hair. We will advise you on the right product to use for your hair. It does not matter if you are looking for Racoon hair extensions or a permanent blow dry for your luscious locks, KOKO has you covered.

KOKO Wholesale Hair Extensions suppliers ensure you have a voluptuous hair that everyone will wish to have. Whenever you need a complete hairdressing experience, we are here for you. The minimum order value is £100 excluding VAT. We accept payment by Sage Pay, PayPal, and cash.

In case you need more information, you can contact us through our official line: 0161-83918970 or you could visit our website at