The best ways to hide clip in hair extensions

best ways to hide clip in hair extensions

Best ways to hide clip in hair extensions

Clip in hair extensions are a great solution if you want to thicken or lengthen your pre-existing hair. It can sometimes be tricky to hide the clips – but it’s not impossible. Clip in hair extensions look natural and can give you the long, mermaid-esque hair you’ve always dreamed of having – which is well worth a few more minutes prep in the morning! Keep reading to find the best ways to hide clip in hair extensions.

Make sure you find the right match

Matching your hair colour to your clip in hair extensions as accurately as possible will ensure that the clips are as camouflaged as possible within your hair. Everyone’s hair has unique colours and tones, which can make it hard to find a close match – but the closer the better to hide those clips.

Have your extensions cut with your hair

Next time you go for a trim, take your clip in hair extensions along with you and get your stylist to trim them along with your natural ‘do. This is especially important if you have your hair cut into elaborate layers – if your extensions are left as they are, it’ll be pretty obvious that they don’t belong in your head. Having them trimmed will make sure that they look natural.

Use hairspray

If you have particularly thin and wispy hair, then your clip in hair extensions may slide around in your hair and become visible throughout the day. Making use of some strong-hold hairspray over the top of the clips will make sure they stay put all day. You could also use dry shampoo, which would have a similar effect on your hair.

Use root concealer

Root concealer is available in a variety of different colours, and can be sprayed onto the clips to help them blend into the hair should they stand out too much. This is especially effective if you’re using the extensions to add length to a braid or a high bun – clips are more likely to show up in these styles, so it’s important to hide them.

Back comb your roots

Make sure you have the most volume at the crown of your head – having a thick enough curtain over the clip in extensions will make sure that there’s no chance of them showing through. Take a comb, and comb you hair in the opposite direction – towards the root. This will add volume and ensure that your clips stay hidden.