Which hair colour trend will you go with this year?

Often, when women are considering a hair change, they automatically go to a different cut as opposed to a different colour. While the world was busy welcoming in the new year, the hair colourists were preparing new and exciting combinations for their clients to try. 2017 is proving to be the year of new hair colour trends.


1. Blorange

‘Blorange’ is the new term used to describe a gorgeous mix of blonde and orangey copper shades – producing a special type of strawberry blonde, with peachy undertones. It suits all kinds of skin tones at the lighter end of the spectrum, and is even a good colour choice for natural redheads that want to switch up their look without doing anything too drastic.

90008X-Small-Scrunchies-26-30-1 hair colour trend

2. Grey

2016 proved the grey hair wasn’t just for grannies – and this year the popular hair colour trend has continued its popularity. Grey is a great choice for those with lighter locks, like blonde or mouse brown, as these are the colours that take to it the best.


3. White

A step up from grey, ice white hues have become popular in the past few months, with a whole array of skin tones pulling off the hud. Those with lighter skin tones might want to tread lightly with this trend, as you may be in danger of looking washed out with such light tones. It creates a stunning contrast on those with darker skin!

90008X-Small-Scrunchies-60-1 hair colour trend


4. Hidden highlights

Highlights have been a hair colour trend for years – for 2017, the craze has been updated. Highlights are now placed on the lower parts of your hair, instead of the whole head, so that they peek through only slightly when the hair moves. This is a great option if you are a little scared of hair colouring, or it’s your first time. You can even use different coloured extensions to nail this hair colour trend.


5. Jet black

Jet black hair is another hair colour trend on the rise for 2017 – this black has a slight blue hue to it, and looks amazing on a golden tan. Black hair is notorious for having amazing dimension and shine – so if your hair is lacking in the health department, black might be the colour for you.



6. Burgundy

Burgundy has been a winter style staple for years, and it has finally made its way up to our heads! Burgundy hair is the coolest hair colour trend around, and matches every single skin tone you could think of. This universal colour looks amazing on pale, medium and dark skin hues and can carry some serious shine.


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