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Do your extensions use heat resistant synthetic hair?

When looking for hair extensions many have been led to believe that the only hair that you can use with your heated appliances such as curlers and straighteners is human hair extensions. This is no longer the case a Koko hair now provide heat resistant synthetic hair ranges that will with stand heat of up to 160 degrees.

Great news for hair extension enthusiasts as if you want to experiment with styles but have not got the money to invest in human hair extensions this can be just what you are looking for. The heat resistant synthetic hair range offers a number of different styles, lengths and colours to ensure that you will be able to get a match for what you are looking for.


How should they be used?

When using heated appliances on our heat resistant synthetic hair ensure that once you have styled the hair that you leave it to cool before running your hands through the hair, this is to ensure that the style is set before you start to finish your hair. This is especially the case for a curl, ensure the curl is set and it will remain styled and set until you straighten the curl out.

Within the range of heat resistant synthetic hair, you will find clip in straight hair pieces that will enhance the length of your hair and the thickness. The hair can be worn straight and then you can change the style as you wish. We also have ready curled heat resistant synthetic hair extensions that you are able to straighten as you wish and then re curl.

You must remember that although the hair is heat resistant synthetic hair that it is still synthetic so you will need to treat it with care and ensure that you do not over style it. Heat on any hair can damage the hair even your own so it is important that you look after the hair and it will then last much longer.

When looking for heat resistant synthetic hair to match your own you can use our online colour chart to match the colour of your hair to you own. This will ensure that your extensions will blend into your normal hair and your extensions will not be obvious. Most of the hair extensions we supply are available in multiple colour options so you are bound to find the style that you love in the colour that you need.



Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair


To order your heat resistant synthetic hair extensions here or come down to our Cheetham hill showroom Manchester and we will be happy to help you.